The ASL SK2025 unit is a highly effecient, extremely safe alternative for the production of medium volumes of heat. The double rotating magnetic disks have no touching surfaces. The technology uses a direct coupled diesel engine to turn the disks, using 12 VDC power to activate the eletro magnets, producing a NO-FLAME, NO-SPARK, clean dry heat. The SK2025 will deliever 600 K+ BTU's of heat at 50°C and 3500 + CFM air flow. In order to maximize the efficiency of the unit, air is passed over the diesel engine to collect all heat produced, (direct or ducted) to the target. Heat output is controlled by simple settings of four switches. Air flow is controlled by the throttle switch settings, allowing a selection of 10K to 600 K + BTU and 20 to 3500 + CFM. Due to few moving parts, the potential for failure is minimal. (Air flow and temperatures are approximate)



MODEL: JD Diesel 4024 Engine
RATED OUTPUT: 57.2 HP @ 2800 RPM
ENGINE SHUTDOWNS: Automatic fuel shut-off for: Low Oil Pressure, and High Temperatures.
POSITIVE AIR SHUT-OFF FOR: Explosive gases (Roda Deaco Valve)
BRUSHLESS ALTERNATOR FOR: No-Spark Operation (C.E. Niehoff)
ENGINE EXHAUST: To California Specifications
CAPACITIES: Engine Oil: 8 L (1.5 Imp. Gal)
Engine Coolant: 9.5 L (2 Imp. Gal)
Fuel: 309 L (68 Imp. Gal.)
(All capacities are approximate)
DISCHARGE TUBE DUCT: 16 in. (40.6 cm) (Discharge Tubes Available)
Total Height: 5 ft. 5 in. (165.1 cm)
Total Length: 6 ft. 6 in. (198.2 cm)
Total Width: 3 ft. 4 in. (101.6. cm)
Unit Weight: w/Fuel 2,280 lbs. (1034 kg)
wo/Fuel 1,736 lbs. (788 kg)

Small Flat Deck Trailer with one 4500 lb Axle, fiberglass sides and polished aluminum wheels available to haul skid. 2 5/16 ball on trailer.

(All measurments and weights are approximate)




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