Founded in the fall of 1999, at Barrhead Alberta and 100% Canadian owned, ASL Industrial No-Flame Heaters Ltd. Started building and renting portable NO FLAME heaters. To make the NO FLAME heat we agitated and circulated hydraulic oil, to create 400 K BTU’s heat @ 3500 CFM’s of air flow. By 2002 ASL were building heater units from 300 K BTU’s to 600 K BTU’s of heat and up to 5000 CFM’s of air flow.

Then in 2004 ASL entered the electronic age of the world and built its first electro - magnetic heat generator, which is SAFER than hydraulic oil, makes more efficient heat and is a more operator friendly type of machine. We now build NO FLAME heaters as big as 1 ½ million BTU’s and 7500 CFM’s of air flow.  ASL is now renting and selling, new and used no flame heaters in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. As of September 2009 we have a renting and sales location in Grand Prairie Alberta.

As the demand for oil and natural gas grows, the SAFETY for the workers also grows. ASL will continue to develop, improve, and build SAFER and more economic portable NO FLAME heaters. We are confident that for the next eight to ten years for ASL Industrial No-Flame Heaters LTD should be extremely exciting.  “Magnetism Rules The World“